“Stagecoach and its chairman Sir Brian Souter clearly don’t believe in freedom of speech,” said Communist candidate Mollie Stevenson today.

Ms Stevenson, standing in the Newcastle upon Tyne East constituency, was reacting angrily to the news that her election poster at the Stagecoach bus depot on Shields Road was due to be covered over today due to ‘a complaint from the landlord’.  The poster was put up last Friday and was due to run till polling day.

“I am not surprised that Sir Brian and his company don’t like our messages of ‘taxing the rich’, ‘policies for the millions, not the millionaires’ and ‘investing in jobs, peace and public ownership’,” continued Ms Stevenson.  “Souter is a multi-millionaire who has made his fortune out of privatised public transport, and companies like Stagecoach are bleeding hundreds of millions of pounds out of the taxpayer in corporate welfare to protect their profits.”

“He has recently donated £1 mn to the Scottish National Party,” said Ms Stevenson.  “He is entitled to his views, but it is a scandal that companies who lease land commercially for billboards should be allowed to censor what goes on them when it is legal and already paid for.”


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