This from the Greek communists

No Surrender! The workers’-people’s struggle is the way out

Yesterday on the 15th of July, SYRIZA which had promised to bring “a law with one article” that would abolish the memoranda and anti-people measures, brought and passed through parliament with fast track procedures “a law with one article” with the first anti-people prerequisite measures for the third memorandum and the agreement with the imperialist organizations EU-ECB-IMF. At the same time,  the Vice President of the government, Y. Dragasakis, speaking on SYRIZA’s radio station, publicly thanked the US government and President Obama for their contribution to the finalization of the agreement.

In the roll call vote that the KKE had requested, 229 MPs voted “yes”, 64 “no” and 6 “present” out of the  total of 299 MPs that were in attendance.

The MPs of SYRIZA (111 out of 149), ANEL, ND, POTAMI and PASOK voted for this agreement and the draft bill. 32 MPs of SYRIZA voted no and 6 present. These differentiations do not have a substantial character. It is revealing about the extent of the deception that cadres of the so-called “Left Platform” stated very clearly that they would vote against the draft bill but that they support the government fully and the Prime Minister who tabled this bill!

At the same time, thousands of workers demonstrated outside the parliament and in dozens of cities all over the country, in the large militant demonstrations of PAME. These demonstrations sent a resounding message against the government and bourgeois opposition parties that are “serving” another memorandum to the people in order to continue to bleed them for the profits of capital. The mass character, militancy and protection of PAME negated the planned provocation that unfolded with the aim of attacking the magnificent rally of PAME in Athens.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, noted in his speech that the conscious attempt to deceive the people had reached its limits and underlined that the people will be made to pay for the wretched Tsipras memorandum, which the SYRIZA-ANEL government is presenting as the only choice, utilizing the same arguments which the previous governments had deployed. He also stressed that this agreement is extremely fragile as the struggle between France and Germany over the future of the Eurozone is sharpening, as well as the one between the USA and Germany for hegemony in Europe. The victims of these confrontations are the Greek people. For this reason and despite the temporary agreement, a Grexit can not be ruled out in the next period, and he noted that a capitalist Greece with a Drachma is not an alternative solution for the people.


He stressed that the real way out means rupture with the EU, capital and its power. In order to pave the way for this, the people must unite and organize themselves immediately, the labour movement must regroup and acquire a clear anti-capitalist orientation. On the basis of these demands, the labour movement must develop its social people’s alliance with the other popular movements that have an orientation against the monopolies. The people must strengthen their cooperation with the KKE, regardless of various reservations and differences they may have.

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