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Today’s issue of Unity! the Communist party daily issued to delegates at the national Trade Union Congress conference celebrates the election victory of Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour Party leadership ballot should be a cause for celebration for all workers.

Trade union support was vital to his success, especially the courageous stance adopted by some of the biggest Labour affiliated unions, notably Unite, Unison and the CWU.

A gauntlet has been thrown down by the left and the labour movement to Britain’s wealthy and powerful ruling class centred in the City of London.

Without doubt, the banking and boardroom tycoons will pick the gauntlet up. They have no option as Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto challenges their fundamental interests. His rejection of austerity for the poor in favour of progressive taxation for the rich and big business threatens to derail their gravy train.

His proposals to take the railways and energy utilities back into public ownership would smash the spell cast by voodoo economics with its privatisation mantra and his plans for ‘people’s Quantitative Easing (QE)’ and a National Investment Bank would help rebalance Britain’s economy away from the City casino, towards manufacturing R&D and new technology.

Scrapping Trident and investing instead in civilian production will contribute to this same end. But it could also mark a decisive turn away from Britain’s dangerous and – for millions of people in the developing countries – ruinous alignment with the US drive for ‘full spectrum dominance’ of land, sea and space by military force.

But be in no doubt, the EU Commission, European Central Bank and the anti-trade union EU Court of Justice will do everything in their powers to obstruct the alternative economic and political programme that Labour under Corbyn’s leadership must now pursue.

The forthcoming EU referendum will provide a huge opportunity for the labour movement to inflict a massive defeat on the Tory government, its City paymasters and the EU by campaigning against continued membership.

Corbyn’s campaign has enthused many thousands of people to see new hope in the Labour Party.

The trade unions now have a vital role to play in ensuring that his victory helps chart a new course for Britain. Their organisation, resources and democratic discipline will be needed inside and beyond the Labour Party, coordinated as never before. Right-wing Labour MPs and pressure groups funded by big business can no longer be allowed to sabotage the democratically expressed wishes of the party’s members and supporters.

Mass campaigning movements such as the People’s Assembly, CND and Stop the War must step up pressure on the Tories and help create the conditions in which the progressive Labour alternative can win further popular approval.

A Labour Party reclaimed by the labour movement could form a government that would pursue policies for peace, environmental security, sustainable economic development and social justice in a federal Britain.

A stronger Communist Party, organised on every front of struggle, applying a concrete Marxist analysis to concrete problems, will have an indispensable role to play if Britain is to take the road to socialism.

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1 Unity!@TUC 2015 Sunday V**




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