Britain’s Communists have heralded Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour Party leadership contest as opening a new stage in the political struggle in Britain.

National trade union organiser Graham Stevenson told the Communist Party’s executive committee at the weekend that it was a ‘shift of great significance – but only the beginning’.

‘Who can now doubt that Corbyn, with his calm message of hope, has electrified potential mass support for Labour – a shift always potentially there, if not immediately obvious given the nature of the British working class’, Mr Stevenson declared.

Without embracing the ‘great men’ theory of history, he argued, individuals can give form and speed to events made possible by economic and material factors, including class interests.

‘And what form, what speed!’ Mr Stevenson exclaimed, reviewing the meteoric rise of the Corbyn campaign which had demonstrated that ‘the age of look-alike, sound-alike, think-alike politicians is on its way out’.

‘The very idea that a party prepared to abandon its core values for electoral gain can somehow be inspirational now looks distinctly ludicrous’, he added.

The CP trade union organiser identified the resurgence of anti-austerity campaigning led by the People’s Assembly, principled opposition to the Tory Welfare Bill and the decision of major Labour-affiliated unions such as Unite, Unison and the CWU to back the only socialist candidate, as vital factors in the success of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign.

Now the priorities had to be to step up the fight against Tory policies to slash the welfare budget still further, sell off social housing and take military action in Syria with the illicit intention of undermining the al-Assad government.

Mr Stevenson also highlighted the significance of the growing determination of trade unions to defeat Tory plans to curb political and industrial protest, choke off union funds and outlaw ballots which support strike action.

He paid tribute to the ‘outstanding’ role played by the Morning Star in recent political developments and to the policy advances made by communists and their allies at last week’s TUC conference, where the CP published a daily broadsheet, Unity!, and a new pamphlet opposing further anti-union legislation, ‘Kill the Bill’.

The CP executive committee condemned the failure of the British government and the EU to coordinate sufficient help for refugees ‘fleeing from the consequences of imperialism’s economic, political and military policies’ in the Middle East and Africa.

Britain’s Communists urged global participation in a massive extension of the work being done by the United Nations and its agencies on all the continents involved.


Note to editors: for further information or comment, contact Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths on 07790 884137


2 thoughts on “‘Corbyn victory only the beginning’ say communists

  1. We will see, I think Progress will split with Labour, either moving to the Tories or more likely the Liberals , the liberals are now so bare of anyone decent they would jump of having people like Reeves and Chukka or one of the Other drones like Kendall, but they would do with the liberals what they did with labour take it over.

    But can Corbyn win an election it’s to early to say, I think it will be to much to defeat the Tories unless something goes wrong of course like a recession.

    But I think the Chilcott report is going to sink new labour and it will drag down labour with it, we are I believe looking at a generations out of power.

    I would love to see labour return you know the real labour movement sadly labour is so badly damaged with Progress people will need to ensure we are not just going to see Corbyn slip under their spell as Miliband did.

  2. Suspect due to all the delay that the big plot is to find a way of making Chilcott a whitewash, albeit one that Corbyn supporters will denounce massively. Right-wing will use this to paint us disloyal, claiming that the inquiry was legal and a legal judgement has the magical aspect that no-one can possibly disagree with it.

    That would be good in some ways, as it would paint the legal system in the eyes of an essentially naive public as an obvious right-wing control system. Such a development might well gain more support for Corbynistas.

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