DKP Berlin TTIP copy

from Red Globe

Today in Berlin, under the motto “Stop TTIP & CETA! For fair world trade about 250,000 people protested against the free trade agreement between the EU and the US (TTIP) and Canada (CETA) . The number of participants significantly exceeded the organisers’ expectations.

“Today is a great day for democracy,” explained the organisers. From the demonstration a clear message went out: “We stand up against TTIP and CETA. Together, on the street, we defend our democracy and for fair trade Negotiations on TTIP based on the current mandate must be stopped. The present CETA treaty may not be ratified.”

At the Berlin rally speakers demanded that the European Commission, the Federal Government, the Bundestag and the other EU Member States take up the demands of the demonstrators. International agreements must be negotiated transparently and ensure the protection of democracy and rule of law and not align with corporate interests.

Together urged the demonstrators to securing and expanding workers’ rights, as well as social, environmental and consumer standards. Only with fair world trade can social equity, environmentally friendly, economic and cultural diversity be enforced.

Accompanied by 25 floats and loudspeaker vans, a colourful march moved with imaginative slogans, banners and flags from tBerlin’s main station, to the Reichstag building and then the Victory Column. A broad alliance of over 170 organisations from almost all sectors of society had called the demonstration: environment, development and social policy, democracy, cultural, civil and consumer rights and trade unions.

Others include the German Trade Union Federation, the BUND, Attac, the German Cultural Council, Campact, the welfare organisation, foodwatch, more democracy, Bread for the World, Greenpeace, WWF and Friends of Nature Germany. Flag of the German Communist party DKP, the Left Party and the Greens were on show.

On Wednesday more than three million signatures against TTIP and CETA, collected in the last year throughout Europe were presented to the European Commission…. The signature collection was carried out in the framework of the European Citizens’ Initiative “Stop TTIP”. It was organised independently, after the European Commission had rejected an official European Citizens’ Initiative. With three million signatures “Stop TTIP” has more signatories than any other European Citizens’ Initiative so far.


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