You know better how to kill!

Another massacre has been added today in Ankara to the imperialist, Zionist and obscurant bloodshed all over Middle East.

The triggermen being the murderers of hundred thousands of people in the war in Syria have been harbouring under AKP government by fleeing through the Turkish border.

Right at this point, enemies of people, fundamentalists and racists are killing tens of people in seconds by explosions.

While the leftovers of Islamic State’s bloodshed gangs are being accommodated in the cities of Turkey by the Turkish police forces, the gang in power, sharia follower AKP, has been attacking with the fear of defeat.

They know better how to kill.

However we know better how to cherish life.

This is our promise to our people who have been the target of today’s massacre in Ankara:

We will rip off the forces of counter revolution which has been settled within the vital parts of our country like a tumour.

We share our deep condolences with the comrades, friends and relatives of the ones who we’ve lost today.


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