by Kemal Okuyan of the Communist Party, Turkey


We cannot let the death to taken for granted. Turkey had discussed the massacre of 1 May 1977 for 40 years. It had to discuss, question and refuse to get used to it.

Maraş, Çorum, Sivas… Roboski, Suruç… When one starts adding three dots or the clause “et catera”, the death becomes ordinary.

They accustom us to massacres and bloodshed.

A society that keeps the massacre in 1977 in the agenda for years is for sure healthier. They target the health of the society through bloodshed. In order to let it be all the more blindfolded and paralyzed…

We must not concede death to become ordinary and taken for granted. Nor can we give way to the attempts to discipline by bloodshed…

Therefore one must not only resist such attempts, but also challenge it.

By being awake and alerted.

Check the statements from AKP: null and void! They are drifting in a Turkey they created or they imagined that they have created. They can challenge no one merely by the dishonorable and vicious assertion that “HDP bombed itself.” AKP is in such a daze that they themselves are unable to grasp the logic of converting the river of blood, of which they are responsible, into a sea of blood.

There are no doubts about whether AKP is responsible from every death in the first degree. Yet it is extremely absurd to think that the attacks on the politicized masses in Diyarbakır, Suruç and Ankara were aimed at decreasing the HDP votes or pushing HDP to an election boycott. Similarly, those who claim that Erdoğan attempted such games for a chance to cancel the elections, forget that politics has some basic laws.

The massacre of tens of people affiliated to the side that he insults every day in his capital city, would not benefit Erdoğan, nor would provide him a way out. The conditions are unsuitable both domestically and internationally. AKP is no longer able to govern the country. This is the perception becoming widespread.

If they would escape from the elections, it would turn them into a party unable to conduct even the elections: a dead end for AKP.

And they can never decrease the HDP votes in this way; on the contrary, the latter would take almost the same results of June even without an election campaign.

Yes, they are in a confusion but the government party is aware of all these for sure. They had thought that they could play by means of death and blood, and now that game is being played by new rules.

I am not talking particularly about the Ankara massacre, since there still are many unknown aspects about it. However, I can say that Turkey tends to enter into a process of becoming an ungovernable country. Actually it is directed towards there.

Everyone agrees that Erdoğan is ready to take every risk in order to save himself!

This means that he is an unreliable leader with unpredictable decisions and thus, a floating mine for those powers, which let him be.

Put Turkey aside, would the global politics allow this?

Just two examples…

There are claims that the EU decided to support Erdoğan due to the emigration crisis. Those who write such are indeed unaware of what they say. Many Western political institutions consider Erdoğan as responsible for the crisis. They had been controlling the emigration policies and the flow of cheap labor force until recently, and yet AKP presented them with this problem by its attempts in Syria. Now the rush of emigrants is out of control.

The West supporting Erdoğan on this issue, what a bright idea!

They may increase the pressure on Turkey, and may also subsidize. But what Erdoğan did has been noted down, along with his previous deeds…

And then, Syria…

The NATO can indeed confront Russia but they would never accept Erdoğan to give the decision. Russia’s intervention in Syria provides some maneuverability for Erdoğan but it has its own limits. Two states that determine the NATO policies, the US and Germany would not drift into a war after Erdoğan. He has no comprehension at the moment, unable to foresee what a misstep can lead to, and even if he could, he does not care.

So, what will happen? Does anyone expect Erdoğan to start World War III just like a Serbian nationalist militant did one century ago?

The imperialists do not interfere with such people as Erdoğan by older methods anymore. They are trying to convert Turkey into a point where he can no longer govern.

Let’s stop at this point.

Those who saved Erdoğan in 2013 (Gezi uprising) and many other critical moments, and those who did not abstain from announcing this, now started to point out the possible dangers of a post-AKP period in the middle of this bloodbath that imperialism and Islamic fundamentalism gave way to. Moreover, they are warning AKP for that.

To put it frankly, we had always stressed that Erdoğan’s fascism would not take root in Turkey. More precisely, that there would not be a change of regime towards complete fascism. But at this moment, the possibility of a coup d’etat is getting stronger.

The reason for the army holding back from an intervention against AKP during 2000s was the unwillingness of the US and Turkish bourgeoisie. The generals themselves enunciated it. But for today…

Under such circumstances, does the danger of a coup d’etat require us to defend AKP?

Not a long time ago, the answer of liberal leftists was “yes” to this question, yet there was no a serious threat. Now it is real, and it is so thanks to their past endeavor to defend Erdoğan.

Frankly, they defended Erdoğan against the people, thus the coup d’etat became a real threat!

Let us see what they will do now?

However, neither a coup nor any other sorts of intervention are alternative to AKP and vice versa. Regardless of the balance of power in Turkey today, either of them will mean a catastrophe for the people of Turkey. It is impossible to get out of this bloodbath by paying regard to or relying on the present formation of power. The need to change is urgent.

The only way is people being organized toward the correct political direction.

No time?

What do we have time for?

For counting our dead?

Numbers from Ankara arrive in, and the question “what is the latest count” is terrifying enough. There is a horde of actors that is used to do politics by spilling blood. At the same time, striving to stupefy us.

Who is the murderer? It is the present political power.

Who is the murderer? It is the international fundamentalism.

Who is the murderer? It is the imperialist countries.

Who is the murderer? It is the capitalist class.

Try if you can distinguish them. It is impossible and you would fail.

Oh humanity, our condolences to you!

Down with this obsolete social order based on profits and blood!


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