“You can count on the PCP”

The summon by the President of the Republic of the political parties with parliamentary representation for institutional contacts, that took place yesterday and the day before, brought about new developments in the current political situation of the country.

In the aftermath of the parliamentary elections of October 4, the PCP reaffirms that the election results express a clear condemnation of the PSD/CDS government and its policy and this means drawing the necessary political and institutional conclusions.

There is an institutional basis for other governing solutions to prevent PSD/CDS from forming government and continuing its policy of disaster, exploitation and impoverishment. To this effect, the PCP will table a motion to reject the programme of a PSD/CDS government, should it be presented in the Assembly of the Republic.

At the same time, The PCP considers unacceptable the ongoing operation aimed at marginalizing the PCP as an alternative force and rejects any questioning of its legitimacy to affirm itself and assume as a necessary force for the solution of national problems.

We never concealed that there are significant differences between the PCP and PS which, incidentally, have been present during the meetings that have been held, in an effort to examine the possibilities of political solutions, and which continues. What we say is that, if a convergence is not possible on a policy that responds to the aspirations of the workers and the people, nothing shall prevent the PS from taking the initiative to form a government and take office.

The PCP reaffirms that there is a majority of MPs which is a sufficient condition for the formation of a PS initiative government, which enables the presentation of the programme, its taking office and the adoption of a policy to ensure a lasting solution.

To start with, PSD/CDS do not gather the conditions in terms of parliamentary support for Passos Coelho to be nominated as prime minister and no objective institutional reason can justify this nomination.

“The PCP has not relinquished nor relinquishes – as referred by comrade Jerónimo de Sousa last Saturday at a rally in Oporto – fighting for a policy that responds de facto to the rights of the workers and the people, to the rise of their living conditions, to combat injustice and social inequalities, to the necessary economic growth and an effective employment policy”.

It is in this framework that the presidential elections will be held, with the candidates being known and taking stands.

The presentation of the declaration of candidacy by Comrade Edgar Silva, last Thursday, corresponding to the highest expectations, was characterized by a large participation, confidence and dynamism and a good acceptance among the workers, the people and the country, expression of the recognition and importance of the fight we wage for a rupture with the right-wing policy and a patriotic and left-wing policy. A declaration that reflects the attitude of struggle and confidence that characterises our candidate, the candidate of those who fight in defence of the democratic regime enshrined in the Constitution, of those who fight for a Portugal with a future – the Portugal of April values.

In terms of the Party, it is worth highlighting the many initiatives that the regional organizations have been conducting, with great participation and new enrolments, a good general atmosphere of unity and confidence.

In this context, last Saturday’s rally in Oporto has to be valorised due to its great dimension, contents and emphases, in a clear demonstration of this good general atmosphere the Party experiences.
It is now important to pay attention to the implementation of measures for organic strengthening as well as the lines of action approved by the Central Committee at its meeting on October 6, along with the continuation of a broad collective discussion in the organization about the complex political situation that we are living.

Valorising the work and workers and calling for a change of policy. to put an end to the anti-labour and anti-social policy, the Plenary Meeting of the CGTP-IN Trade Unions, last Thursday, decided to intensify the struggle of the workers in the workplaces and explain, mobilize and strengthen the claims of the workers given the new parliamentary representation that will be sworn in office tomorrow in the Assembly of the Republic.

A mass struggle which also includes the struggle of the populations in defence of their interests and rights. A struggle that will continue with the valorisation of the important victories achieved, like the declaration of unconstitutionality by the Constitutional Court of interference by the Government in the autonomy of Local Government, with an immediate impact on the negotiated Collective Agreements of Public Employment and which set down, among other matters, the 35 hour weekly work time, and now the case of the rejection of the Test of Evaluation of Knowledge and Skills with which the Ministry of Education/Government want to remove thousands of teachers from the teaching profession. A struggle that will also include the march on October 24 from Carmo Street (15 h) to Luis de Camões Square in Lisbon “Yes to peace and no to NATO military exercises”.

We live in difficult times where anticommunism is once again being used with great force by those who feel uncomfortable with the growing prestige, social influence and strengthening of the PCP and CDU. But these are also times of great potential and confidence in the struggle to defend the interests of the workers, the people and for a Portugal with a future.

Avante Editorial, October 22, 2015


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