The Communist Party has written to thousands of its members, supporters and subscribers to its internet ‘News and Views’ , calling for a mass mobilisation this weekend against the drive to war.

The Government is hell bent on pushing through a pro war vote, which will inexorably lead to the commitment of British troops in the Middle East.

The situation in the area is dire. The beleaguered peoples of Iraq and Syria face external interference and outright military aggression. Millions are displaced, starving and homeless. Others are driven abroad to seek refuge.

The death cult Islamists wait to pounce on every opportunity to worsen the plight of the people. France calls for war. Its cabinet ministers are caught organising a ‘ring round’ of Labour shadow cabinet members seeking to twist their arm in favour of the war machine. Turkey, a NATO country, is exposed as the major shipper of ISIS oil. The USA gives the oil tanker drivers a 45 minute warning before they bomb them. There were no such warnings in Vietnam. Truly, imperialism weaves a wicked web.

The people of Britain are clear. They know those who did so much to make the mess cannot be trusted to clear it up. Indeed they will make matters worse. And so the people, this weekend, must act to stop the war machine.

The Communist party calls on members, supporters and allies to do everything possible to organise and support local protest action.

You can find details of action local to you here.

You can lobby your local MP. We must especially bring home to Labour MPs being lobbied by Blair and others to support bombing, that alongside their conscience, there is a duty to the working people of the world to save what is left of peace.

The Morning Star has made the running with its hardest-hitting editorials for many years. You can catch up on these here. Better yet, order extra copy/ies and take them to win new readers.

In August 2013 popular pressure led to the blocking of a vote for war in Parliament. Yet again, it will take mass action in every town and city in Britain to stop the war makers. We owe it to ourselves and to those in the Middle East who’s lives have been so broken up by the actions of imperialism.


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