PCP Flag

by Albano Nunes,

Member of the Secretariat of the CC of the Portuguese Communist Party

Portugal became an EEC member , by the hand of the PS and the PSD, allies in the capitalist recuperation policy, in January 1986. A political and ideological operation, of a great dimension, and that introduced “Europe” as the El Dorado, that ought to bring a new prosperity era to the

Portuguese. Upon thirty years, the result is so negative, that even those who have defended Portugal’s participation in the European capitalist integration process, the alpha and omega of the right-wing policy, are able to underline an ephemeris, unless in a shy and defensive manner. And what has to be said? A simple idea but with plenty political meaning: that life has given and carries on giving reason to the PCP, that here, one holds a very valuable patrimony, that gives out confidence and strength to our progressive and revolutionary struggle.

The very serious consequences regarding Portugal, towards its productive structure’s destruction, the people’s impoverishment, the democracy amputation, the subjection situation towards the great transnational capital and the great powers, are therefore, a proof. Together with this “union” own nature, presented as “ social cohesion”, “humanism”, solidarity” is to be confronted with the – labour exploitation policies and national oppression, barriers from a “fortress Europe” unto the dramatic refugee waves, the brutal attacks to fundamental freedoms and rights in the name of “security”, the militarist aggression escalade against other peoples, under the pretext of “war to terrorism”, the concerning xenophobia and fascism growth – its real class and imperialist block nature. Revisiting on how the PCP warned and previewed on the EEC /European Union adhesion, one ought to remark how this party, deeply rooted within the Portuguese reality and guided by a scientific and revolutionary conception of the world, always elevated itself above the conjuncture contingences and appearances, never allowing, even when rowing practically on its own against the tide, of the “single thinking”, of defending Portugal and the Portuguese interests, choosing to lose votes, by proclaiming the truth, than by lying towards the Portuguese .

Thus, this is a PCP’s great merit, a historical merit, situated on the decisive field of the class struggle, where many(long ago) great communist parties hesitated and, gave up /abandoned clearly anti-monopolist and anti-imperialist positions, and ended up by adopting an opportunist “left-wing Europeanism” and theorizations on the “ national territory exhaustion” within the social change process, allowing the right-wing to hold the patriotism banner, used as reactionary nationalism, and spreading throughout Europe. And when this widely recognized merit, namely when the PCP places as a central issue the struggle against external embarrassments to the country’s development? Not for yet, although more and more, are those who approach the PCP positions concerning debt renegotiation or even Portugal’s preparation for the Euro exit. But they are but a few who deny the deep crisis in which the EU is emerged.

Portugal’s entry to the EEC was a political operation with the objective to stop and defeat the Portuguese Revolution. The success is an evidence concerning the latter. Therefore, a policy following April values and the Constitution demands a rupture with the European capitalist integration process and the whole recuperation for the Portuguese and the right to follow their own destiny. The presidential elections is a major issue and Edgar Silva, the candidate supported by the PCP, is the one with the most authority to deserve the Portuguese trust.


Translated from Avante!



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