Today, the Partito Comunista d’Italia (Partito dei Comunista Italiano) posted the following statement.

The party, one of the many fragments of the Italian communist moment, has set itself the task of reuniting the disparate forces of the former PCI

Ninety five years ago, in Livorno years ago, the Communist Party of Italy was born. A large party which became, following its role as the chief the protagonist of the Resistance, a great mass party: the PCI. A Party that guaranteed freedom and democracy in our country with strength and determination to oppose attempts of the reactionary right wing Christian Democrat government of Tambroni, fascist massacres, terrorism, the project of P2 Lodge, corruption with the “moral question” denounced by party leader Enrico Berlinguer. A party that fought alongside the working class, pensioners, women, young people by building strong and militant movements that have achieved important results. A party that has always fought for the implementation of the Constitution of which it was one of the main architects. A Party that has worked for peace in the world. Peace today that is placed in grave danger from the expansionist and imperialistic aims of the US, NATO and the EU.

In the early 90s of the last century, the unfortunate choice of the top executives of the PCI to transform the party into something no longer distinct from the other parties, led to the dissolution of the PCI itself and, over time, the diaspora of the communists in many organisations (often insignificant) without enough strength to be really decisive and, therefore, the protagonists of national politics.

The departure of the Communists from the Parliament is also due to electoral laws that are no longer proportional preventing a true representation of the Italian people and has increasingly relegated Italian Communists to the margins of society. The result of this absence is visible to all: cancellation of rights after decades of struggle and sacrifice, neo-fascist resurgence, “reforms” that transform our democracy into an oligarchy controlled by economic-financial power, wild privatisation in strategic sectors and in the services guaranteed by the Constitution (health, education, transport …), environmental devastation, increased poverty and lack of work prospects especially for young people, increased corruption and tax evasion. This is is the realisation of the plan of P2.

Today more than ever we need a Communist Party strong and determined as that of Gramsci, Togliatti, Longo and Berlinguer. This is why there isa process of recomposition of the Italian Communists, leading to the reconstruction of a united Communist Party.

It is an ambitious and difficult project which involves thousands of militants in the definition of, first of all, an alternative project for a different and more just society, for the defence and implementation of the Constitution, so that those who live by their work can take ownership of their lives and their future, because peace and solidarity are not just slogans. is needed The reconstruction a new PCI worthy of the task that the Italian Communists have exercised for decades is needed.


The Italian constitution, in which the PCI was highly instrumental, and which the right and significant elements in the centre and so-called ‘centre-left’ want changed places creative work at the centre of Italian human values.

P2 refers to the scandal of the Freemasons lodge that linked power elements of the Italian state capitalist class, Mafia and intelligence services in a corrupt enterprise.



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