Press Release Letter of PAME to the BBC February 11, 2016, Athens
On behalf of PAME (All Workers Militant Front) Greece we want to express our protest for the unacceptable tactics of representatives of your network and specifically of the BBC World Questions, towards our organization. The BBC announced that it will broadcast its programme BBC World Questions: Europe and Greece, from Athens focusing on the developments in Greece and Europe with the participation of Euclid Tsakalotos, of SYRIZA (the Government that imposed the 3rd Memorandum) and Dora Bakoyannis (of the Memorandum 2 Government, which also voted in favour of Memorandum 3). Representatives of BBC addressed to our organization, PAME, so as to take part in the programme, as a representative of the labour movement that opposes the policies of the Government and the EU, a proposal which we accepted.
A few days before the show, BBC informed us that PAME will be “replaced” by the trade union organization ADEDY (which organized rallies in support of the SYRIZA Government) and in addition that ADEDY will be represented by a delegate of ANTARSYA (a small political group, with no representatives in the Greek Parliament, which also organized rallies to support the Government of SYRIZA). The (contradictory and inconsistent) excuses used by BBC’s representatives to justify their decision do not concern us. Of course, we cannot take into account a programme that aims in presenting a specific image of Greece and a false opposition of forces –political and trade union- that have been participating in the butchering of the Greek people.
However, it is interesting the attempt to present the pro-government ADEDY -with its massless protests between friends and relatives- as an anti-government organization, through the -nearly Member of the SYRIZA Government- political party of ANTARSYA. On the issue of which trade union organization expresses the thousands of strikers who oppose the policies of the Government, answers your own webpage that uses many photos from PAME’s demonstrations http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-eu-35496180 . And also the many stories you present about Greece.
Although many times you use wrong caption. The workers of Greece will not be audience of a pro-government propaganda, of local and international friends of SYRIZA. The Federations, the labour centres, the working class of Greece will respond in a militant way to the plans of the Government and the EU, by answering to the call of PAME for a 48hour General Strike the next period. We hope by then you will be more careful on how to choose your sources.
Sincerely PAME International Secretariat

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