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The March issue of Socialist Voice is now available online at:   http://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/sv/index.html

Time to step up the struggle for water

It is a matter of urgency for working people once again to mobilise, to get back on the streets to press home our demands for an end to water charges and, most importantly, for a constitutional amendment to enshrine the people’s ownership of water—not state ownership, because the state belongs to the rich and powerful. 

Where to from here:  Eoghan M. Ó Néil 
CAPITALISM AND democracy may be a contradiction in terms; however, capitalism does well out of elections. Elections bestow legitimacy on the capitalist system. 

The EU and the future of European nations:  Eoghan O’Neill 
SOMETHING IS changing beneath the surface. Like the currents under the surface of the water, there is a strong current of change in the people’s attitudes and beliefs regarding the EU, its legitimacy, and its future. 

Vote for withdrawal from the European Union! 
THE COMMUNIST Party of Ireland expresses its solidarity with all progressive forces in Britain, and in particular with the Communist Party of Britain, in the forthcoming campaign for Britain to withdraw from the European Union. In particular we call on working people in the north- east of our country to vote for leaving the EU. 

International Women’s Day
TODAY, 8 MARCH, the Communist Party of Ireland expresses its solidarity with women throughout the world. We salute your courage and bravery in the face of the inhuman burdens placed upon working women. Women still bear an uneven burden and suffer super- exploitation and are a significant source of massive profits for monopoly capitalism. 

Democracy in Europe Movement, 2015 - Old Wine in new bottles
AS WORKING people throughout the European Union are beginning to question its role and even its very nature, and whose interests it serves, another new grouping emerges to sow confusion and throw sand in their eyes. 

Commemorating the 1916 Rising: Taking Stock: Finbar Cullan
WRITING IN the Workers’ Republic in early 1916, James Connolly set out the task facing Irish socialism: “The Labour Movement of Ireland must set itself the Re-Conquest of Ireland as its final aim . . . The re-conquest involves taking possession of the entire country, all its powers of wealth-production and all its natural resources, and organising these on a co-operative basis for the good of all.” 

Time to halt the drift and pull together:  Tommy McKearney 
BACK IN 2012, Russia Today’s celebrity economist Max Keiser, an iconoclastic and caustic wit, commented on Ireland’s economic plight. He described the Irish people as “good peasants who prefer to starve rather than refuse to pay their landlords’ rent . . .” 

The pensions “time-bomb” Alan Hanlon 
ON 29 APRIL 2015 the Irish Independent reported that the government “wants to siphon billions in taxpayers’ money into a special fund for public sector workers in a bid to avoid a ‘pensions time-bomb’.” This came as the then government was announcing €11⁄2 billion in tax cuts and extra spending for its well-heeled supporters. 

The privatisation agenda When abnormal becomes normal Jimmy Doran 
THE COMMUNIST PARTY of Ireland uses the slogan “Irish Water, open your eyes, they just want to privatise” on the Right2Water marches. Well, we have to open our eyes to a lot more, as corporations are privatising everything—some more obvious than others, but they are creating income streams everywhere. 

Cuban congress aims to perfect socialism: Ernesto Vera, Prensa Latina 
BETWEEN 16 and 18 April this year the Cuban Communist Party was engrossed in the continuous assessment of its programme.
 (Translation from Spanish by Seán Joseph Clancy) 

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