Paul Doran reports from Ireland

The annual commemoration – held this year in Arbour Hill, Dublin on Sunday 15 May – marked the life and work of the Marxist Revolutionary James Connolly who was brutally executed by the British Army on the 12 May 1916.

The day that capped a wonderful week of celebration organised by the Communist Party of Ireland and also the second year of James Connolly Festival.

The festival, now an unmissable event by the Irish left took in many cultural and art events including music, poetry, theatre and political debate.

The festival finished with the twin events of the annual James Memorial Lecture given by Priscilla Metcher who give a wonderful outline on Connolly and then the book launch of her book Republicanism & Socialism in Ireland from Wolfe Tone to James Connolly which is must read for anyone interested in Irish politics.

The commemoration was addressed by the general secretary of Mandate trade union John Douglas and finished with an address on the present struggle by Eugene McCartan, the general secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland.

Pictures from the James Connolly Commemoration in Arbour Hill Dub in 15 May2016




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