Make your voice heard against the Blairites and keep Jeremy as rightful leader of the Labour party.

The most powerful, venal, leading element of our ruling class – the one most closely tied to US capital, to big business and the banks, to the City and finance capital – has been defeated by a combination of divergent interests between itself and the subordinate section of our bourgeoisie and a popular revolt against consensus politics.

It is precisely because of the interpenetration of US and British capital and Britain’s US-ordained role as the bridgehead in the EU for US strategic interests that there will now be a tsunami of measures to delay implementation of the vote, confuse and disorientate voters, intimidate all those who campaigned to leave and prepare the ground for a new vote or for a parliamentary initiative to subvert the decision.

Perhaps Boris Johnson, who has stood carefully on both sides of the debate and whose strategic preferences is a renegotiation of Britain’s membership, may be the instrument for this manoeuvre.

He already has willing accomplices in Blair and Mandelson and the media chorus who seek to put the blame of their reverse on Corbyn.

It would be extremely dangerous for the left to become further compromised with manoeuvres to negate the result of this vote. Jeremy Corbyn’s statement to respect the decision (and Momentum’s similar announcement) serve to keep the left on course.

You have to admire Corbyn whose long standing position and his political instincts have put him closer to thinking of millions of working people – and the majority who voted – than the Blairite cabal in the PLP or even the left wing Remainers.

With a party policy from which he has long dissented, a PLP actively working against him and a trade union leadership still gripped by illusions of a ‘social Europe’ he had an impossible hand to play. But his refusal to appear on the same platform as Cameron, his clear and well articulated criticisms of the actual operations of the EU as they affect working people, his statement that Labour would veto the TTIP deal between the EU and the USA and his evident disdain for the tenor of either campaign put him close to the thinking of many people.

Corbyn thus has more credibility than any other figure and is in a better position to reach out to the millions of Labour voters, both those who followed the lead of the party in this referendum and those who didn’t, and especially those lost in the Blair and Brown years.

The first priority is to defend the Labour leadership from treachery and the second is to renew contact with all those sections of opinion that are needed if implementing the mandate conferred by this vote is to be carried out in the interest of working people rather than our ruling class that is already implementing measures to reverse their defeat.



One thought on “A vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

  1. It looks to me a great opportunity to sideline Blairism within the Labour Party too – after all, this time it’s the Blairites who are clearly being ‘divisive’, whilst Corbyn’s sacking of Benn shows how decisive he is capable of being when it matters.

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