Britain’s Communist Party has called upon the left and the labour movement to unite and defend the democratic decision of the electorate to leave the European Union.

‘Some MPs are prepared to split the Labour Party and join pro-EU Tories and others to subvert the referendum result in the interests of big business’, Steve Johnson warned the Communist Party political committee on Wednesday evening.

Instead, he urged, the labour movement urgently needs to unite around an agenda of its own for Britain’s exit from the EU.

‘Remaining in the Single European Market will leave big business free to shift capital, jobs and workers around the continent to maximise profits, making it impossible to develop the British economy in a planned and balanced way’, Steve Johnson told the meeting.

He said there was ‘nothing progressive’ about allowing employers and gangmasters to use super-exploited migrant workers to undermine the employment terms and conditions negotiated by trades unions.

Nor should Britain remain unable to take emergency measures to protect,  nationalise and invest in strategically important industries such as steel.

‘Leaving the EU must also enable future British governments to reduce or abolish VAT on vital goods and services, instead of going cap in hand to the European Commission for permision’, Steve Johnson added.

The party’s London district secretary also urged the labour movement to campaign for a reversal of the ‘racist Fortress Europe’ policies that have raised barriers to immigraton from Asia, Africa and other parts of the world.

‘It should come as no surprise that many people of Asian origin in Britain voted against continued EU membership’, Steve Johnson remarked, ‘they have seen how callously the EU treats non-EU immigrants and refugees’.


One thought on “Communists call for labour movement agenda on EU exit

  1. Only a few problems with that, like the vast majority of the organised labour movement supported the Remain campaign against the xenophobic and at times frankly racist Leave campaign. Lexit supporters were late off the block and irrelevant to the result- you rode a right wing nationalist tiger and now migrant workers have to bear the results of your oh so revolutionary inactivity. Trying to spin this as a fight against Fortress Europe is frankly mendacious, you seem to forget that it was the UK that vetoed every attempt to find a humane response to the refugee crisis- what you have ended up with is a Fortress Little England. Why on earth you think that the UK nation state is more progressive than a European wide structure seems to fly in the face of historical fact, neo liberalism, privatization, selling off of council housing, breaking up the NHS, the Iraq war these were all championed by the UK nation state and preceded anything coming out of Brussels.

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