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The November issue of Socialist Voice is now available at


The ASTI dispute: A teacher’s view: By an ASTI member
I am a teacher in my third year of teaching after receiving my postgraduate diploma in education (formerly the higher diploma in education) in 2013. 
>From the outset it was difficult to find work in any school. I spent my first two years in schools where I had temporary contracts, not being paid for holidays—including those magical “three months’ holidays.”

Build workers’ resistance
Joint campaign to protect tenants from unfair rent increases and evictions
In response to the increasing rent crisis, the people-powered campaigning organisation Uplift has joined with the Communications Workers’ Union, Impact, Mandate, SIPTU and Unite to launch the Secure Rents Campaign. 

TG4: A vision subverted?:  Tomás Mac Síomóin
State communications media and their acolytes engineer, overtly and subliminally, the common sense of citizens. By omission or omission, they delegitimise alternative minoritarian modes of common sense. As Antonio Gramsci pointed out, such “common sense is nothing more than ruling-class ideology.” 

CETA: The latest attack on the working class: Eoghan M. Ó Néill
The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada has been agreed by the EU states. There had been a hope that the noxious agreement would be delayed by the decision of the regional government of Wallonia—the French-speaking half of Belgium—to reject the deal. 

Capitalism v. society: Jimmy Doran
In a world where people are passive, apathetic, diverted by consumerism and manipulated by the media view of society, it’s no wonder that reality gets confused. This is capitalism as it lulls sections of society into a sense of well-being,

Inheritance tax Parents to son or daughter
The recent budget increases the tax-free allowance on such inheritance by €30,000 (from €280,000 to €310,000). The rate, at 33 per cent, remains the same. 

Impending collapse of the euro “house of cards”: Tommy McKearney
Almost no free-market economist predicted the financial crash of 2008. When Lehman Brothers collapsed, stock markets around the world panicked; even the White House feared that the free-market system itself was in danger of imploding. 

Joe O’Toole told the truth: Alan Hanlon
Joe O’Toole, ex-president of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, was originally appointed chairperson of the expert commission set up to inquire into Irish Water. In an interview with the Examiner last July he attacked

Leitrim communist remembered
On Saturday 3 September a monument to the memory of the local communist Jim Gralton was unveiled at Effrinagh, near Gowel, Co. Leitrim, by the president of the Irish state, Michael D. Higgins. 

Towards a new Republican Congress
In this centennial year of the 1916 Rising, when we are reflecting on the tasks and duties facing political activists engaged in the struggle for a 32-county workers’ republic, the Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum 

A tale of two systems: Seán Joseph Clancy
In a real rather than an ideological sense, the benefits and moral superiority of a truly socialist-based society are experienced by that society’s members, and witnessed by anyone willing to see, during times of crisis. 

Open letter to Barack Obama President Obama, 
     Ana Belén Montes has been diagnosed with breast cancer and recently operated on. She has served more than 15 of a 25-year sentence. Friends and family are very concerned for her well being. 

Dr Strangely Strange: Live at Electric Picnic: Barry Healy
One of the highlights of this year’s Electric Picnic was Dr Strangely Strange, an avant-garde Irish/folk group

“Ireland, Shed a Tear” 
at the New Theatre
Paul Doran

Na Briogáidí Idirnáisiúnta
(Transcreated in Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock)

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