Message for Robert Griffiths, general secretary of the Communist Party of Britain to Raul Castro, first secretary of the central committee of the Communist Party of Cuba

Comrades Raul Castro

First Secretary of the Central Committee Communist Party of Cuba

26 November 2016

Dear Comrade Raul Castro

The Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Britain has received with profound sadness the news of the death of Comrade Fidel Castro.

As leader of the Cuban Revolution, Comrade Fidel liberated his country from centuries of imperialist control, profoundly changed the balance of world forces and inspired generations.

His commitment to socialism, to the revolutionary transformation of state power, freed the Cuban people to create their own future, to develop their own organs of popular self-government, to end economic exploitation and to oppose all forms of oppression and discrimination.

In doing so, Cuba provided a beacon of socialist hope that has inspired movements for social transformation across the world. In the face of direct military attack by the United States, Fidel Castro led the resistance. In the face of a crippling economic blockade, Fidel Castro worked with his comrades to ensure that the Cuban revolution survived and was able to supply assistance to others seeking liberation across Africa and the Americas.

His legacy remains today in the existence of a free Cuban people determining how to consolidate and develop socialism and contribute to a world without exploitation and oppression.

British Communists salute the memory of Fidel Castro. Please pass our condolences and solidarity to Fidel’s family and to the Cuban Communist Party.

Long Live the Cuban Revolution Long Live Socialism

ROBERT GRIFFITHS General Secretary

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