The Syrian Unified Communist Party has circulated the following information

The leadership of the Syrian Unified Communist Party presents information about the evolution in Syria, aiming to show the real facts, and to asks for more support for the Syrian people who are facing a common enemy.

 As it is well known, our party, along with other progressive and patriotic parties of Syria, is struggling against, what is nowadays considered as one of most barbarous imperialist aggressions of the age since World War 2, a struggle against the most extremist and fundamentalist radicals condemned internationally movements of this century like “Al_Nusrah Front”, “ISIS”, “Al Qaeda”.

This struggle is the practical embodiment of confrontation against the imperialist projects of domination in the word and mainly in the region what is called “the New Middle East”.

Until the moment tens of thousands of people are killed, hundreds of thousands others are wounded, thousands families were forced to migrate to more peaceful areas inside and outside Syria. the damages are countless, thousands of workshops and factories of middle and small industries are destroyed as well as many large industrial structures, objects of infra-structure, school, hospitals, archeological objects and antique cities are crushed. Syrian oil and other wealth’s of Syrian people are being stolen and smuggled to turkey whose regime is allied with terrorist organization. The value of these damages is estimated in around 200 blns USDs.

Syrian people, along with the government, Syrian army, and progressive political forces of the country, has been bravely resisting this aggression since its beginning in 2011.

Terrorists who fulfill this attack on Syria have come from more than 80 countries, supported by the imperial powers of the world and their allies.

The threat now is spreading outsaid Syria and the region, to other areas and countries, as European countries like France , Belgium. Now  terrorism is an international phenomenon, and the US administration is considered the supporter number one of this project fulfilled by terrorists and mercenaries. Experts from western countries and financial potentials of Arab reactionary regimes mainly K.S.A and Qatar provide support and sponsorship to terrorist organization with cooperation of turkey.

Facing this completed and hard situation, Syria had to request help from the Russian Federation.

Moscow provided Syria  with support needed to resist this barbarous aggression.

The Russian help confused the western government and the regional reactionary regimes of turkey, Qatar , K.S.A, for this support has radically changed the power balance in the battle fields, and helped Syria to stand the ground throughout 6 years of war.

Syria will continue her straggle in defense of Syrian people and to free the whole Syrian soil of aggressors.

Syrian government informed all the international  community of the reasons of this help from Russian federation.

1. This aid help as come on the request of the legitimate government.

2. According to the charter of the U.N and all international resolutions, its prevented to any state to assault or interfere in the internal affairs of another state.

3. Any country under attack has the right of self-defense, according to international laws and norms.

At the same time as the legitimate forces are continuing to defined Syria and free the occupied territories from the terrorists, who are trying to impose their own laws dating back to 1500 years ago, and committing most 6 blood thirsty crimes, Syria is supporting the political solution of the crisis on the bases of stopping the bloodshed , and evacuated all the occupied areas of all alien terrorist forces, as well a conducting democratic elections in the county and initiating a national inclusive dialogue with opposition mainly the parties in the country. Yet the terrorists, having relations with certain opposition groups, try constantly to press those groups to keep fighting the government, and to fail the political process based on Geneva conference 1 and 2 as well as Vienna meeting and the agreement between the Russian and the  U.S sides.


Blood is still  shed in Syria especially in the city of Aleppo, the second capital of the country, 75% of whose territories were freed by the Syrian Arab army and its allies on the other hand terrorist in Aleppo refused any truce to save lives of civilians, whom they use human shields.

Comrades, our party is most interested in confirming the following facts.

1. It is not acceptable to put the offender and the victim on an equal footing.

2. The international laws do not allow any county to interfere in the internal affairs of any other country, what the terrorists and their supporter do in Syria, demanding the president Assad to step down whereas this is an affair decided only by the Syrian people.

3. The aggressors are the only side who carry the full responsibility for the losses and damages in the country.

4. The aggression against Syria is going along with mass-media-imperialist campaign, on which billions of USDs  are paid by the USA and KSA. Through this media was facts about events in the country are falsified and this information is spare around the world.

5. Iraq is also under the same aggression, and the Iraqi people resists it, and the duty of all progressive forces of the world is supported the brave resistance of Iraqi and Syrian peoples against the world terrorist aggressors.


The progressive parties in Syria are straggling mainly to save the live conditions of the people, especially in the circumstances of war and the in just economic blockade against Syrian people.

However, the Syrians have proven, throughout the years of imperialist aggression, its patriotism and that it holding on the democratic progressive independent life,  at the same time Syrian people support the political solution of the crisis.


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