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Once upon a time in Bulgaria by Mercia MacDermott is the latest Manifesto Press book

Mercia MacDermott’s illustrated account of her experiences in post war Bulgaria is, by turns, touching, hilarious and deeply illuminating of the life, customs, history and politics of the country where she remains a widely-published and notable figure.

Her book retells her experiences as a student volunteer in the post-war (Major Frank Thompson) student solidarity construction brigade, encounters with partisan leaders and literary figures, meetings with Georgi Dimitrov and Madame Dimitrov, and her life and work as a teacher and university lecturer, best-selling author, academic and literary figure.

Once upon a time in Bulgaria by Mercia MacDermott

£11.95 (plus £1.50 p&p)  ISBN978-1-907464


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time in Bulgaria

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  2. Superb book. Couldn’t put it down. Anyone wishing to educate themselves in the history of Bulgaria and the realities (rather than the myths and lies) of life there during socialism will be glad of reading this.

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