Statement from the Portuguese Communist Party

At the high-level meeting held in Brussels, with the participation of the US President and in a context of latent contradictions, NATO announces its aim of affirming its cohesion, namely on the growing involvement in wars of aggression —like in Afghanistan or in the Middle East— and in the arms and military race, conducted by the US, under the cover of the so-called “war on terrorism”.

While hypocritically proclaiming the “war on terrorism”, the US and its allies are responsible for the promotion, support and instrumentalization of terrorist groups in destabilization operations and wars of aggression against sovereign states, as in Syria.

The recent 110 billion dollar agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia to supply weapons assumes a shocking and dangerous significance, as the latter recognizably supports terrorists organizations and is responsible for the war against Yemen and its people.

Recall that of the 28 member states of NATO, in particular the US —which this year alone increased its military budget by 54 billion dollars and increased the budget for its military presence in Europe by 40%— spend more in the military that the remaining 165 countries of the world.

At the same time, the European Union, assuming its role as European pillar of NATO and also using the pretext of the “war on terrorism”, reinforces its militarization and interventionist policy, and several European countries adopt securitarian measures that jeopardize fundamental rights, liberties and guarantees, as occurs in France.

Waving an alleged «Russian threat» to hide its aggressive character, NATO is installing significant forces and military equipment near the Russian Federation. Particularly grave is the installation of the anti-missile system with which the US, with NATO support, seek to ensure its military strategic superiority, worsening the dangers for peace in Europe and the world.

Continuing to foster its expansion in Europe, now with the enter of Montenegro —third Balkan country to integrate NATO after the destruction of Yugoslavia— NATO confirms itself as an instrument of aggression against States that, affirming and defending their sovereignty and independence, have represented opposition to the hegemonic domination of imperialism, in particular US imperialism.

NATO was and is responsible for wars of aggression —always «justified» with lies or false pretexts—, such as in Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya or in Syria, and for the death and suffering of millions of human beings, including the millions of refugees and displaced caused by its criminal wars.

The US are committed to threats, provocations and military interventions that place the world on the brink of devastating regional conflicts and even a conflict of global proportion.

PCP reaffirms its condemnation of the aggressive policy of US imperialism and NATO and of the complicity of the European Union, and expresses its solidarity with all those peoples that resist and fight in defense of their rights and sovereignty, namely the peoples of the Middle East and Latin America.

Portugal must reject the arms race and the policies of encroachment and imperialist war of the US, of NATO and the European Union. Portugal, in full respect of its Constitution, should strive internationally against military escalation, for the respect of the principles of the United Nations Charter, for the sovereignty and independence of States and a peaceful solution to international conflicts, for disarmament and peace.

The dissolution of NATO is a crucial objective for the affirmation of national sovereignty and for world peace.

Reaffirming its demand for and intervention by Portugal to achieve a policy of peace, friendship and cooperation among all peoples of the world, PCP values the actions promoted by the peace movement in Portugal, as part of the campaign «Yes to Peace! No to NATO!» and appeals to the intensification of the struggle against war and for peace.

Lisbon, 29th May 2017


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