29 July 2017

Assemble at Sallins, Co. Kildare, 2:30 p.m.

Main speaker: John Douglas, general secretary, Mandate


The Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum has called for a united commemoration on Sunday 20 August to honour Wolfe Tone. The commemoration will be addressed by John Douglas, general secretary of Mandate.

Tone is the symbol of the unity of our people—Tone who inspired leadership and hope, Tone the ardent democrat, Tone who stood for Irish democracy, sovereignty, and independence. Today more than ever we need that vision, we need the honesty and courage shown by Tone and the United Irishmen to lift the people, to give them a renewed sense of hope of a better tomorrow.

It is time to revisit the goals and aspirations of the founding father of Irish democracy and democratic republicanism. Tone believed and rested his hopes on the belief that a new Ireland could be built only by bringing about the unity of all those who live in this country.

First and foremost he directed his appeal to the people of no property, in the belief that justice, democracy, sovereignty and independence could be guaranteed only by the people of no property.

We invite all trade unions, trades councils, women’s groups and water warriors to come along. Bring your banners and your courage. All organisations are welcome to lay wreaths or flowers to show their respect. This will be a genuine people’s celebration of that remarkable person, Theobald Wolfe Tone.

Need transport buses pick up points:

If you live along this root email and make arrangements to be picked up.    People from Lurgan, Portadown etc can be picked up in Newry.

Coalisland/Dungannon via Armagh, Newry  (if enough people Dundalk)  email: Barry  <  bart.murr@gmail.com

Monaghan/Castleblayney email: Eugene    <   eugenethomasbyrne@gmail.com

Dublin: Customs House 12noon (ten place left).   Ciarán:    <   cpoi@eircom.net


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