NOW, following on from the success of the last four years of fundraising, Pedal4Progress will be on the road once again.

This time we have set our sights further than we’ve cycled before. The much-anticipated 5th Edition challenge will see us take on the gruelling routes of the former Peace Race 1948-2006, the largest amateur road race developed to promote peace and co-operation in the aftermath victory against fascism.

Our three-day challenge will start in central Prague and travel right to the heart of Berlin, completing the tour at the site of the Soviet war memorial in Treptow Park. That’s a total of 350km in the saddle, all in support of the people’s paper.

This year we carry a simple message: “No to Nato, Yes to peace!” Those original riders of the once great race were our couriers of socialism and we want to celebrate that in the best way we know how.

The objective this year is simply raise as much for the Morning Star as a team as we possibly can. Because this challenge places a huge financial commitment on the team to get to Prague with bikes and all our equipment and return via Berlin we are looking to all readers and supporters of the paper to use our cycling challenge as a platform to engage with the movement and help smash all Fighting Fund targets for the paper.

It’s not just about the cycling this year either. The team will meet up with members of the Czech Communist Party (KSCM) at the offices of Halo, the sister paper to our own Morning Star.

And we look forward to meeting the party’s vice-chairman Peter Simunek at its Central Committee Building.

Then on arrival in Berlin the team will be met by local cyclists and progressives as we approach the outskirts of the city. We have planned a small gathering at the Treptow Park memorial to deliver our message of peace and co-operation over war and aggression.

This will formally end the challenge and will be attended by members of the DKP and a delegation of north-west Morning Star supporters.

From here everyone will take part in the short “Victory to Peace & Socialism” ride along the famous Karl Marx Avenue.

We urge all progressives and supporters of the Morning Star to help spread the word and help us to break all previous fundraising achievements.

Read the paper and check for updates, follow @pedal4progress on Twitter and encourage your trade union branches, political and community groups to donate to our biggest Morning Star fundraiser.

Les Doherty

  • All donations should go direct to the Fighting Fund and quote pedal4progress 5th Edition. For full times and details of our arrival into Berlin on August 4, the rally at Treptow Park and the victory ride along Karl Marx Avenue contact us on Twitter @pedal4progress or call call Les on 07733 266 307.

  • This year’s team are Anna Burton, Mark David-Gray, Les Doherty, David McKnight, Michael McKrell, Pete Middleman, Kevan Nelson, Eddie Redmond, Hazel Roberts, Daniel Smith and Reg Thomas.

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