Kevan Nelson reports from Prague tonight.

fOn the eve of a 350 km ride from Prague to Berlin, the Pedal4Progess cycling group met with the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM) at their headquarters in Central Prague.

Petr Simunek, Vice Chair and Vladimir Sedlacek of KSCM international department praised the group for reclaiming the tradition of the post war Peace Race (see above)in aid of the Morning Star and expressed a hope that Czech cyclists will take part in future initiatives.They looked forward to closer links between the Morning Star and the KSCM sister paper Halo Noviny

Political debate ahead of the Czech Republic’s General Election in October is dominated by public concerns of corruption in big business and the political establishment. Right wing forces are driving an anti immigrant agenda targeting communities from Moldova, Ukraine and former Yugoslavia.

In the 2013 General Election the KSCM achieved an uplift in support to 15% of the popular vote and 33 MP’s. The Party’s priority is to consolidate those gains in the upcoming elections.

There is much press speculation concerning a possible electoral coalition between the Social Democrats and the KSCM but deep rooted anti communism of the former’s leadership makes this unlikely. This is despite growing broad left co operation in municipalities and regions.


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