from Kevan Nelson

After 2 days of cycling in scorching 30 degrees heat, the Pedal4Progress team reached the village of Crinitz south of Berlin.

On day one the gruelling 110km ride from Prague to Bad Gottleuba in Saxony just over the German border was the toughest experienced to date by many ride participants.

Along the route the group stopped off at several monuments to anti fascist resistance fighters and fallen Red Army Soldiers. Above: at the anti fascist memorial Radeberg Saxony

On day two the riders navigated the 132km route from Dohma to Crinitz through forested areas of the former GDR.

For the final and third day of the Peace Race tribute, the group will be joined on the 110km route to Berlin by cyclists from the DKP.

On arrival a reception will be held at the Soviet War memorial in Treptow Park.


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