from Kevan Nelson in Berlin

On Friday the Pedal4progress cycling group, fundraisers for the Morning Star, departed the rural surroundings of Furstlich Drenha at 6AM for the final stage of their ride from Prague to Berlin.

On arrival at Cafe Moskau on Karl Marx Allee they were greeted by a large contingent of DKP members as well as supporters from Britain.

The group rode the final 5km to Treptower Park through the streets of Berlin in a police convoy accompanied by a noisy DKP van.

At Treptower Park, site of a vast Soviet War Memorial, the cyclists were welcomed by Heidi Richter of the Society for Legal and Humanitarian Support who passed on a message from Gustav-Adolf ‘Tave’ Schur, twice winner of the Peace Race.

Gunter Paohl, international secretary of the DKP, spoke about the work of the German peace movement, in particular opposition to the NATO military alliance and the widely supported campaign for the removal of US nuclear missiles from Germany.

Plans are afoot for a 6th edition of Pedal4progress in 2018.


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