being organized by the Estonian Presidency of the EU.

The Communist and Workers Parties denounce the anti-communist fiesta being organized by the Estonian Presidency of the EU, in the framework of the so-called “European Day of Remembrance for the victims of totalitarian regimes”- as the EU has been attempting in recent years to establish the 23 August. The anti-communist meeting aims to slander socialism and its unprecedented achievements for the workers, to falsify history, to anti-historically and unacceptably equate communism with the monster of fascism and its atrocities. The provocative identification of communism with fascism means exonerating fascism and the womb that gives birth to and nourishes it, the exploitative capitalist system. This is why, when communists are being persecuted and condemned and communist parties are being banned in a number of EU countries, at the same time honours are being bestowed on and pensions provided to the Nazi collaborators and their political descendants.

The workers, the peoples can now draw conclusions about the fact that the escalation of anti-communism signals the intensification of the anti-people measures, the restriction of workers’-people’s rights, the unleashing of new imperialist wars.

The truth will shine through. 100 years after the Great October Socialist Revolution, the superiority of the socialist system cannot be concealed, however many tonnes of mud they throw at it. The peoples, through their struggle, will find the path to a society where the wealth will belong to those that produce it, to socialism-communism.

  1. Communist Party of Albania

  2. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)

  3. Communist Party of Australia

  4. Party of Labour of Austria

  5. Communist Party of Azerbaidjan

  6. Communist Party of Bangladesh

  7. Brazilian Communist Party

  8. Communist Party of Brazil

  9. Communist Party of Britain

  10. Party of Bulgarian Communists

  11. Colombian Communist Party

  12. Socialist Workers Party of Croatia

  13. AKEL, Cyprus

  14. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia

  15. Communist Party of Denmark

  16. Communist Party in Denmark

  17. Communist Party of Estonia

  18. Communist Party of Finland

  19. German Communist Party

  20. Unified Communist Party of Georgia

  21. Communist Party of Greece

  22. Hungarian Workers’ Party

  23. Communist Party of India

  24. Communist Party of India (Marxist)

  25. Tudeh Party of Iran

  26. Communist Party of Ireland

  27. Workers Party of Ireland

  28. Communist Party of Israel

  29. Communist Party (Italy)

  30. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

  31. Socialist Party of Latvia

  32. Lebanese Communist Party

  33. Communist Party of Luxembourg

  34. Communist Party of Malta

  35. Communist Party of Mexico

  36. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico

  37. Communist Party of Norway

  38. New Communist Party of the Netherlands

  39. Communist Party of Pakistan

  40. Palestinian Communist Party

  41. Palestinian People’s Party

  42. Paraguayan Communist Party

  43. Peruan Communist Party

  44. Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930)

  45. Communist Party of Poland

  46. Socialist Party of Romania

  47. Communist Party of the Russian Federation

  48. Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union

  49. Communist Party of Soviet Union

  50. Russian Communist Workers’ Party

  51. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

  52. South African Communist Party

  53. Communist Party of Sri Lanka

  54. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

  55. Communist Party of Sweden

  56. Syrian Communist Party

  57. Communist Party of Tadjikistan

  58. Communist Party of Turkey

  59. Communist Party of Ukraine

  60. Union of Communists in Ukraine

  61. Communist Party of Uruguay

  62. Communist Party USA

  63. Communist Party of Venezuela

Other Parties

  1. Belarusian Communist Party of Workers-Section of the CPSU

  2. Union of Communists in Bulgaria

  3. Communist Workers` Party for Peace and Socialism (Finland)

  4. Pole of Communist Revival in France

  5. Revolutionary Communist Party (France)

  6. Communist evolutionary Party of France

  7. Communist Party of Kazakhstan-section of CPSU

  8. Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan

  9. Communist Party of Latvia – section of CPSU

  10. Communist Party of Moldova – Section of CPSU

  11. Communist Party of Puerto Rico

  12. Romanian Communist Party

  13. Romanian Communist Party XXI Century

  14. Galizan Peoples Union

  15. Communist Party of Transdnisteria-section of CPSU

  16. Party of Communists USA

The statement is still open for signatures


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