Ernesto Guevara, more commonly known as “Che,” was Argentine by birth but was a committed internationalist.

After helping successfully lead the 1959 Cuban Revolution and participating in African liberation struggles, he created a guerrilla army in Bolivia where he attempted to implement the foco theory of guerrilla struggle.

Although he was captured and executed by U.S.-backed Bolivian soldiers in 1967, Che remains a symbol of resistance, determination and hope for a better world.

teleSUR takes a look at the 50th anniversary of his assasination and events commemorating his legacy.


One thought on “The importance of being Ernesto

  1. BBC says just “shot dead,” this piece says “executed,” but Che was not killed in battle, nor following some due process; Che was murdered. “His captors cared nothing for the dignity and etiquette his revolutionary legacy demanded, and [he] was vilely murdered. But history only remembers the cowardice of those murderers, while the colossal example of Che lives on and multiplies day after day.” Miguel Diaz-Canel, Vice President of Cuba, 9th October 2017

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