“The workers have done it at last.” “It wouldn’t have mattered where this revolution had taken place, Timbuctoo or Costa Rica. The thing that mattered was that lads like me had whacked the bosses and the landlords, had taken their factories, their lands and their banks…. That was enough for me. These were the lads and lasses I must support through thick and thin.” Boilermaker Harry Pollitt led the 1920 strike to stop British arms being exported to the defeat the Russian Revolution. He later became Communist Party general secretary.


A3 poster download

Harry Pollitt 1920



2 thoughts on “The workers have done it at last!

  1. What a great poster, it should be posted everywhere to be seen and produced as a leaflet to be sent to every MP, Trade Union Leader, TV and Press hack who don’t believe it can happen again it can and will!

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