The Young Communist League condemns in the strongest terms the British Army’s new media campaign aimed at recruiting a new generation of working-class youth. This latest cynical effort by the armed forces is as deplorable as it is disingenuous. This effort by the Army to recruit youth from LGBTQ+ and religious minority backgrounds, groups which have historically faced intense prejudice from the Army, demonstrates their increasing desperation.

The Army talks about offering family and a sense of belonging to recruits, but this rebranding is just another attempt to take advantage of vulnerable young people who have nowhere else to go in our society. As opposed to providing family, belonging, good jobs and hope at home, the British capitalist state would rather brutalise them and make them into killers to serve in their overseas adventures.

Ask the thousands of veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, abandoned by the British state, many homeless and living on the streets, where the Army’s sense of family is. Tell the maimed and disabled soldiers about the opportunity a career in the Army offers. Hear from the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan about the noble actions of British generals.

The YCL rejects the use of working class youth as cannon fodder in imperialist wars. Communists recognise that British workers have nothing to gain from slaughtering working people of other countries or dying in our exploiters’ wars.

The YCL calls for an end to this offensive recruitment campaign. The youth should be offered guaranteed employment, or, free vocational training or university education. The biggest service the Army and this government can offer British soldiers is bringing them home. The YCL demands the withdrawal of British forces from all foreign conflicts and overseas bases. The YCL calls for Britain’s withdrawal from the NATO imperialist alliance. The YCL rallies the youth to fight for peace and disarmament in our lifetime.

No to capitalism and war!

Yes to peace and socialism!


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