In last night’s first round of the Presidential elections in Cyprus, the independent candidate Stavros Malas, see rally above, who was backed by AKEL, passed to the second round polling 30,24% of the votes cast, along with the current right-wing President Nicos Anastasiades, who polled 35,51%.

Nicolas Papadopoulos – President of the Democratic Party DIKO – came in third place with 25,83% of the votes. He was supported by several other parties and movements (Socialdemocratic Party EDEK, Ecologists Party, Solidarity Movement and others)..

A very negative development was the 4th spot for the candidate and President of the fascist ELAM Party (sister Party of the “Golden Dawn” party in Greece) with 5,65%.

The abstention reached 28.6 %.

The results were an important achievement for AKEL and the candidate it supported, even more so as opinion polls conducted in the months in the run up to the elect, predicted a difference of more than 10 per cent in favour of Nicos Anastasiades.

The second round of the Presidential elections will be held next Sunday, 4th February between Stavros Malas and Nicos Anastasiades. The outcome will be greatly determined from the behavior of the rest of the parties and their voters, as well as from those who abstained in the first round.

AKEL is already devoting all its strength and forces to this momentous battle, intensifying its manifold and lively contacts with the people, in the neighborhoods, work places, wherever people and particularly young people are concentrated. The broad, mass and continuous organized work by the militants and members of AKEL and the broader People’s Movement of the Left, of the Party Organizations through their hard work and struggle, through their arguments and projection of the Program of Governance of Stavros Malas is aiming to bring real change to our homeland and of course, above all else,to intensify the efforts for the solution of the Cyprus problem based on principles and the agreed framework of bizonal, bicommunal federation, for the liberation and reunification of our country and people.

For the Cyprus of tomorrow – For the Cyprus our people deserve!


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