Statement of Presidential Candidate Stavros Malas

Sunday, 28th January 2018

I thank Akel for being behind me. A big thank you from the depths of my heart to the friends and ‘invisible fighters’ from all social and political levels that fought and won.”

“People have spoken. A new majority shows their will for a real change to the country. With their strength and will we put an end to yesterday.”

“We turn a new page looking to the future with optimism, confidence and determination. I call again on citizens to overlook their ideological beliefs and judge the candidates on their abilities and proposals. To choose with their hand on their heart and their mind on the future our children deserve – a future of change.”

Dear compatriots,

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone, whether you voted for me or not, for the maturity our society exhibited in these elections.

I particularly wish to thank the movement of the Left that stood in its entirety on my side.

I thank from the bottom of my heart for my friends and anonymous campaign fighters from all social and political strata that waged and won this great battle.

I congratulate the other presidential candidates for their own struggle which they gave with decency.

The people have spoken.

A new major social majority now expresses its will for a real, creative and hopeful change.

With her strength and will, we leave the past behind us.

We put an end to the divisions of the past.

We turn a page looking forward to the future with optimism, self-confidence and determination.

On the path to the second round, we will all lay the foundations for national unity.

From the day after the elections it will be our great strength.

With responsibility, seriousness, prudence and consensus we will utilize every possibility of resolving the Cyprus problem, reunifying and liberating our homeland.

With measured steps, security and efficiency, we will improve our economy in a way that touches the lives of all the people.

With a transparent and meritocratic governance, with social solidarity and productive initiatives, we should all create perspectives for the young generation, conditions for the equal participation of women in social and political life.

I spoke to citizens with sincerity about what I believe.

I wanted to develop a relationship of mutual respect with everyone, even with those who I disagree with because society is calling on us to change political culture and behaviour.

I turn once more to our citizens.

I urge them to overcome their party preferences and ideological beliefs.

To compare the positions of the two candidates with sobriety.

To judge the candidates on their capabilities, commitments and their characteristics.

To distinguish the new from the old.

To choose with their hand on their heart and their mind on the future our children deserve – a future of change

I urge them to march on a different path, that of creative change with unity and certainty.

We therefore move forward together for a social alliance of all Cypriots.

A social alliance of broad acceptance, credibility and trust.

Only such an alliance can lead us to a better tomorrow because Cyprus deserves something much better

Excerpts from “Cyprus News Agency” 28th January 2018

Stavros Malas replies to journalists questions

Replying to questions about the run-up to the second round of the presidential elections, Stavros Malas said the greatness of politics is that of timeless credibility. “I want to look citizens straight in the eye after 4th February. For me, the trust citizens express means a lot and that is what we want to prove in political life.”

Asked if he expected 30% of the vote, Mr. Malas said that citizens spoke. “The result sent out its own messages, which we all have to evaluate.”

Invited to convey a message to Turkish Cypriots, Stavros Malas said that our Turkish Cypriot compatriots are watching this electoral process with anxiety. “The outcome has not been decided, but what has definitely been decided is that our country can confidently move on to the goal of reunification.” And reunification, he said, needed not only political determination, but also social participation and congratulated the Turkish Cypriots, who, under adverse conditions, just a few days ago stood up against the occupation and conveyed clear messages “that within the Turkish Cypriot community there is a big substance, which we must use to reunite our country, society and the economy”.


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