Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffiths issued the following statement today (January 15) after MPs voted by 432 to 202 against the Tory government’s Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU:

Today’s Commons debate and vote indicate that many MPs have no intention of allowing any kind of Brexit, not even the bogus Brexit on offer from the Tory Cabinet and the EU.
  Prime Minister May, Chancellor Hammond, many MPs and the EU Commission share one overriding objective, namely, to keep Britain tied to EU Single Market and Customs Union rules. These would greatly obstruct many of the left and progressive policies of a future left-led Labour government.
  After winning a Commons vote by only 81 in May 1940, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his government resigned two days later. Having lost one of the most important votes in half a century by 230, Theresa May’s minority regime should go now before its duplicitous strategy does more damage to Britain’s economic prospects.
  A General Election must now be held by early March so that a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn can negotiate a new set of post-Brexit relations with the EU. If this cannot be achieved in time, Britain should leave the EU on March 29 on WTO rules.

One thought on “Britain’s communists call for a general election and a Labour-led Brexit

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