Below is detailed a very balanced and mature approach by the German Communist party to the basis on which it conducts relations with sister parties.

Final version decided by the party executive committee’s 6th conference on Januar 26, 2019


The DKP considers the intensification of the cooperation of the communist and workers parties as the decisive way to strengthen the revolutionary and anti-imperialist movement on a global scale.

In doing so, the DKP acknowledges that there are different views between Communist and Workers Parties on a number of issues. These can and must be the subject of a debate in solidarity between the parties. The debate, the common practice, and the exchange about the struggles fought can lead to a gain of knowledge, and thus help to improve the work of all parties, but also of the communist world movement as a whole.

The DKP is guided by the experience that the strengthening of the international revolutionary movement also includes the strengthening of the revolutionary movement in the individual countries. The DKP combines the consistent advocacy for the cause of the laborers in its own country with the support of solidarity in the struggle of the progressive forces all over the world. The DKP follows the principle that each Communist Party works out its policy independently. It bears the responsibility for this before its own working class and society, and at the same time, before the laborers of all countries.

In its own ranks, the DKP develops discussions about positions of other CPs and workers’ parties without necessarily adopting them or rejecting them for itself, and even less for the sphere of influence of these parties.

An open exchange of opinions on the basis of independence, equal rights, and voluntary cooperation broadens our scientific world view. In the exchange of opinions, we act according to the principle that Communist sister parties are of equal rank, regardless of their size or influence in society. We expect the same approach from them. We underline that criticism among sister parties should not be carried out in public. We defend this principle among our members. In our party publications, evaluations by authors who have signed are not to be understood as positions of the DKP.

This applies especially to evaluations of developments of countries governed by sister parties, which we treat with respect for the difficulty of their tasks. The DKP defends the socialist achievements in the countries with socialist orientation against the defamations of the class enemy and his media.


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