Sudanese CP calls for intensification of protest actions and defeating attempts to abort the Revolution

3 May 2019

– Against a background of threats by the Military Transitional Council (MTC) to use force to restore order and disperse the sit-in in front of the army HQ, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in the square demanding the immediate transfer of power to the representatives of the people, the Freedom and Change Alliance.

– For the fourth week running, the people in their thousands continue to occupy and protest at the army HQ in Khartoum and army units in other cities in the country, demanding the full implementation of the goals of the revolution as embodied in the Declaration of the Freedom and Change Alliance.

– During the last two weeks, with the MTC’s refusal to hand over power, the sit-in in Khartoum has witnessed the influx of participants arriving by train, vehicles and buses from various parts of the country to join in and support the sit-in.

– Meanwhile, the sit-ins of the protesters in front of military units in Atbara) north east(, Port Sudan (north east), ElGedarif (east), Wad madni (centre), Alobied, Nyala (west) and in other towns have continued, coupled with demonstrations in the various districts of the capital.

– A large convoy, including massive representation of women from the war-torn Darfour region, arrived in Khartoum to join the 1st of May protest actions.

– While the mass protest actions sweeping the whole country grew in intensity, depth and broadness, encompassing new forces, the MTC, supported by certain regional governments and local reaction, are refusing to hand over power.

– The Freedom and Change Alliance has presented a memorandum to the MTC which embodies its declaration and measures to cover the 4-year transitional period, coupled with an emergency programme to tackle the serious economic and social problems. The Freedom and Change Alliance demanded that the MTC replies in a written form within days.

– Various international and regional forces are involved in feverish attempts to conspire against and bring about an end to the revolution. The rivalry between the Saudi axis, which includes Egypt and the Gulf countries, and the international organization of the Muslim brotherhood, represented by Qatar and Turkey, continues with both trying to influence the MTC’s decisions. Both camps are against the Freedom and Change Alliance and fear the consequences of the success of the revolution on their reactionary regimes.

– The Sudanese Communist Party has called for the intensification of the mass actions, stressing the importance of the unity of the forces of the opposition within the Freedom and Change Alliance, to unmask and defeat attempts to abort the revolution. This call, among other things, is aimed at refuting the attempts by certain sections in the opposition to condone the MTC and accept its conditions.

– The Sudanese Communist Party appeals to all fraternal communist and workers parties to redouble their solidarity actions and help expose and defeat the conspiracies hatched by international, regional and local reaction.

Long live international Solidarity

Secretariat of the Central Committee 

Sudanese CP

3 May 2019

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