“Corbynism” is the product of developments in socialist and working-class politics over the past forty years and more. The Thatcher era witnessed a wholesale attack on the post war consensus and welfare state, through a regime of deregulation, attacks on the unions, privatisations, and globalisation. At the same time, there has been a persistent resistance to neo-liberalism –  this side of the story yet out of this struggle emerged a thoroughly modern socialism.
Andrew Murray’s  book is essential reading for those who want to know where Corbynism comes from: the policies, personalities and moments of resistance that has produced this new horizon.
This includes the eventual defeat of New Labour. The movements outside it – trade unions, feminists groups, anti-fascists activists, anti-war protestors – that have driven the policies of the movement forward. And the powerful influence of international groups that have shaped the potential for a global progressive politics.
This Sunday! Hear Andrew Murray
author of The Fall and Rise of the British Left
Sunday 16 February 3-5pm
Purifier Building Faversham
(Behind Morrisons’ carpark
Faversham ME13 7DY)
Bookshop, questions and discussion
Organised by North Kent Morning Star
Readers and Supporters Group
contact: nickbwright@mac.com

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