from the  PCI National Direction 

The Direction of the Italian Communist Party, which was held on May 17, 2020, on the basis of the broad discussion that has developed, in the awareness of an international framework marked by increasingly aggressive neo-imperialist and neo-colonialist policies, in respect of which the role of the U.S. is prominent, emphasizes the seriousness of the crisis that has affected the country, also and especially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in progress.

The health emergency, with the dramatic burden of suffering it has brought so far, has highlighted the many serious limitations of our National Health Service, which over time has been the subject of the policies pursued by the centre-right and centre-left governments that have succeeded one another in leading the country under the banner of the prevailing liberalist culture and the dogma of austerity. Besides this emergency, an economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude, whose prodromes had been present for a long time, is progressively adding to it, and a dramatic social crisis is increasingly evident.

In the light of this, the government’s choices, both those made in Phase 1 and those made in Phase 2, launched in recent days, although substantial in terms of numbers, 25 billion in the first and 55 billion in the second, are largely insufficient, inadequate and wrong. This is both in terms of employment protection, of the income of the part of the population most in difficulty, and in the direction of safeguarding the existing productive framework, especially in terms of promoting real and qualified conditions for economic recovery, as these choices are largely based on uncritically supporting a financial and productive system that continues to propose itself with the same logic that is largely at the basis of the progressive retreat recorded by the country, a logic aimed at socializing the losses, anchored to an increasingly parasitic dimension towards the public subject.

The European Union, at this stage, continues to show all its structural limitations, justifying the progressive departure from it of most of the peoples of the countries that make it up. This also underlines the value of the options adopted over time by the PCI, and which push in the direction of overcoming it. The question, today more than ever, is that of those who will be called to pay for the crisis, and the PCI reiterates the need for it not to be the workers, the workers, the popular masses who do it, but rather those who in these long years, under the banner of the primacy of the market, of business, of profit, have exacerbated the gap of inequality, of iniquity in the distribution of the wealth produced.

No! We are not all on the same boat, we do not need governments of national unity, social pacts, we need clear choices, aimed at real change.

The underlined crisis is placed in a very precarious, worrying political framework, strongly marked by the single way of thinking, in the different possibilites move in substantial continuity, by the presence of an increasingly worrying right, for culture and propensity, which poses serious questions about the possible perspective of the country. Also in relation to this, the absence and at the same time the need to work so that in the field there is also an alternative, class-based proposal, the only one able to give the necessary answers to the world of labour, to the popular masses. For this reason, the PCI reaffirms its commitment to promote the greatest possible unity of action, among all the forces attributable to the Communist camp, on the class left, with the various trade unions and social realities that are placed in a perspective of rupture, of real alternative to the existing policies, which emphasizes the centrality of the public subject, and which is expressed in a platform characterized by some central issues, namely health and work, on which it is possible and appropriate to reach a broad consensus.

Also in consideration of this, the Direction of the PCI commits the various levels of the party to develop in the coming days the maximum organizational effort aimed at making its contribution, of analysis and proposal, to the search for the underlined unity, confirming already now its conviction that this cannot mean the renunciation of its autonomy, the pursuit of the strategic project to which it is committed.

One thought on “The Italian Communists’ response to the actual phase

  1. c’mon, ffs you can do better than this. Translated by a computer or a wally, either way it’s rubbish. Don’t need to go beyond “actual” in the headline, which is presumably a translation of “attuale” current or contemporary rather than the English sense of real or concrete. Can’t you find someone to translate it in a way that’s intelligible? I’d offer to help but Italian is not my specialism. Yours in comradeship.

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