France Insoumise and the PCF met this Tuesday, May 3, in the context of the preparation of the next legislative elections. We agreed on the following points of agreement in the continuity of the exchanges that have already taken place over the last two weeks between France Insoumise and the PCF.

1) We want to elect MP’s in a majority of constituencies, to prevent Emmanuel Macron from pursuing his unfair and brutal policies (minimum income under the condition of working for free and retirement at 65) and to defeat the extreme right. On June 12 and 19, through their votes, we propose to the French people to put in place a broad gathering, building on the momentum of the presidential campaign opening the way to a majority in the National Assembly. In this perspective, the Prime Minister would come from the largest group in the Assembly, namely Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

2) To make it possible, we want to federate all the forces that share it on the basis of an ambitious program, while respecting their plurality and autonomy. For the clarity, we wish to do it on a common banner “New ecological and social popular union”; to make live the plurality, we will build a parliament of campaign gathering the political forces and the personalities of the trade-union, associative, cultural, intellectual world. The pluralist majority that we want to constitute, will be based on parliamentary groups of each of the components and will be equipped with an intergroup to continue after the election this common work.

3) We share common programmatic objectives that will form the basis of a shared government program of several hundred proposals.

We will defend in particular:

– The immediate increase of the minimum wage to 1400 euros net and of all wages, the return to retirement at 60 years for all, the guarantee of autonomy for young people, the freezing of prices on basic necessities and the eradication of poverty.

– The reconquest of public services and the creation of new public jobs: in health with an end to medical deserts; in education with schools and canteens really for free ; in transport and rail freight, with the reopening of small railway lines; the building of public housing in accordance with ecological standards, and the control on rentals.

– The renationalization of electricity, highways and airports.

– New rights of intervention and decision for the workers in the companies.

– Tax justice: restoration of the wealth tax, taxation of capital at the same level as labor and the fight against tax evasion. 

– The formation of a great public financial pole with the nationalization of generalist banks, with the objective of ensuring the social and ecological transformation of France.

– A true ecological and democratic planification, by the application of the green rule.

– The establishment of a 6th Republic to put an end to the presidential monarchy and to introduce new rights for citizens, notably the citizens’ initiative referendum.

– The disobedience to the rules of the European Union which would be in contradiction with the application of our program, by freeing ourselves from the budgetary straitjacket, from the directives of opening to competition, and by introducing a principle of social and ecological non-regression; the building of a new European project in the service of ecological and social progress. 

– A diplomacy at the service of peace, preserving the territorial integrity of all countries, thanks to alter-globalization cooperation, in solidarity with the peoples, for a world that respects human rights, democracy and the fight against climate change.

4) In order to make this agreement effective and to respond to the immense expectations of citizens, we will give ourselves all the means to ensure that the discussions begun with the other forces succeed and we will rely on popular mobilizations. By finalizing this enlargement as soon as possible, we could hold a common launching event on Saturday May 7.

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