On 21 February we celebrate the language of revolution following the example set by left-wing Indian publishers who, in 2020, suggested that people throughout the world should mark Red Books Day with readings of the Communist Manifesto in their own languages. And now the global popularity of Red Books Day has given birth to the idea of an International Union of Left Publishers as a network which will anchor an annual Red Books Day in a public celebration.

Celebrate Red Books Day with FREE e pubs from Manifesto Press.

Available for free to download are 

An economy for the people edited by Jonathan White which brought together a collective of radical economists and writers to anticipate the 2017 Labour manifesto, A

Alexandra Kollantai’s essay on  International Women’s Day,

the first English publication of  The Woman Worker by N K Krupskaya,J

John Foster’s  The Councils of Action 1920 and the British Labour Movement’s Defence of Soviet Russia 

and US interventions in Latin America  by Henry Suarez.



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