DOUBLE BOOK LAUNCH – a few tickets remain. GET YOUR Morning Star at the launch of a new study on the evolution of Tom Mann’s political thought, ‘Yours for the revolution’ on Thursday 4 May at 6pm at Marx Memorial Library & Workers School. Author and Morning Star occasional feature writer Phil Katz will join author and activist Nigel Flanagan to discuss their books and the state of the trade movement. There will be opportunity to ask questions, discuss, buy the book and have a glass of wine.

Tickets are available from tinyurl.com/X2BOOKLAUNCH

Advance copies of ‘Yours for the revolution’ and ‘Our trade unions’ can be ordered from https://www.manifestopress.coop

Direct links to books: https://www.manifestopress.coop/product/preorder-yours-for-the-revolution-the-evolution-of-tom-mann-s-political-thought-by-phil-katz



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