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This is a loose translation of a declaration from the assembly of the Communist Party of Spain and deals with its conception of the role of the United Left and the party’s attitude to the European Union.

Return the IU (United left) to its origin as a political and social movement

The Twentieth Congress of the Partido Comunista de España chooses to act by a process of development and consolidation of the broader political and social convergence to advance toward building a new country from a programme of popular unity.

The delegates and delegates at the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of Spain have assumed that future tool that finally leaves the XI Assembly of IU, will have to be an organization rebuilt as a political and social movement, “an instrument of development with participation mechanisms direct, engaged in the social action, with agile and more horizontal coordination bodies vertical direction.”

Thus the agreement adopted at the conclave held this Saturday by the party in the popular neighborhood of Vallecas involves working towards a United Left ceasiomg to be a political party, leaving behind a device that has become bureaucratized and renounce an essentially territorial and institutional structure.

The other leg of the resolution adopted defends the PCE in the framework of the XI Assembly of IU is “the process of development and consolidation of the broadest popular unity” to get “space development and action alongside those who challenge the system: trade unionists, feminists, ecologists, republicans, etc., so they are integrated into the proposal to move towards the construction of a new country from a programme of popular unity. ”

The objective that the PCE is marked with these agreements is to work henceforth in the configuration of a “space of confluence” of rupturista character and defends the need for coordination spaces and working together. The organizational form that may be taking this space “does not have to be permanent,” said the PCE, “because it can not be the result of a design laboratory, away from the political and social action, or have to have uniform size and totalizing “but” it must be built from working together from the shared objectives: democratic revolution “.

Leaving the European Union and the Euro

The Congress assumes that both the European Union and the Euro are irreformable, since it has been built on the values and principles of capitalism to serve the interests of economic and financial power. So the only option that includes the PCE is an exit from the European Union and to build an alternative.

The PCE, which was from the beginning against Maastricht, is committed to “the unavoidable need” to break with the European Union and leave the euro. This break means the recovery of political and economic sovereignty as the only alternative to the austerity demanded by international financial institutions and markets.

And from that sovereignty the Communist Party of Spain would work on another project of European integration, an anti-capitalist alternative “to surrender the framework of nation states on the idea of building a kind of ALBA peripheral countries of Europe.” That alliance would be done with the countries hardest hit by debt and submitted to the EU architecture, with the idea that it is possible to establish an anti-capitalist alternative. The idea is to develop a solid political and economic proposal from the field of Marxism and the green left.

The PCE also provides that an exit of the European Union as the only way to avoid known as the TTIP agreement between the EU and the United States.

Communists as aggregators of social mobilization and union

“The PCE is the party of the working class and is structured to defend the rights of our class and trade union policy that should bring the Communists to the workplace”. This is one of the four points on union policy approved by more than 73% of Congress delegates. It was agreed that the PCE is the unifying axis of social and trade union protests, and support a policy of breaking with the legislation which represses and oppresses class workers and their class organizations. the work of the Network of Trade Unionists by the Popular Unity as an element of confluence of the trade union movement and its contribution to the construction of the Popular Unity was also approved

Organize the democratic revolution

The General Secretary of PCE defining closed Congress Party policy that focuses on the strategy of rupture, which means organizing the democratic revolution versus reform posed the establishment parties.

The proposal of the PCE is incompatible with the draft “constitutional reform”, for which the party raises a constitutional process that makes possible the program of the democratic revolution in our country, a democratic revolution that can be summarized in pushing a constitutional process for the construction of a new country around three pillars: sovereignty, rights and guaranteed work, underline from the PCE.

Among the tasks for the whole party membership is organizing the conflict as an alternative to the current system that cuts rights and freedoms, creates insecurity and poverty and not give solution to the problems of the social majority, approved by this Congress.

In this framework has listed the upcoming tasks centered on demonstrations and social conflict, April 14th Republic Day and make the Republican debate to the street, a campaign for the May 1 is the claim of quality employment and mobilization called by the marches of dignity for the day May 28, mobilization in which the PCE has been implicated to have a decent life.


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