Responding today (March 22) to the EU heads of government meeting and statement on Britain’s relationship with the EU, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths said:
‘Thursday evening’s circus in Brussels has left parliamentary democracy in a precarious state, with the governments of Germany and France telling us when we can leave and on what terms. EU Commissioners are even instructing MPs as to how they should vote next week. What more is needed to illustrate the power of the EU opposed to popular sovereignty? This weekend, many thousands of Remain supporters will march. The Communist Party urges members and supporters, indeed all who voted Leave, to refrain from invective and not allow themselves to be provoked. Instead, we need to seek out Remain voters who respect the outcome of democratic votes, those who fear EU power yet voted Remain and those who wrongly believe the EU is a force for unity and patiently explain its true character and role. Wherever possible, Leave supporters should establish street stalls or hold meetings to show that continuing membership would jeopardise any future left-led Labour government. There’s a pressing need to bring workers together. Whether people voted Leave or Remain there’s a General Election soon that has to be won and it only can be if we are united’.
Lyonel Feininger’s Cathedral of Socialism

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